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Zoom SIMPURE Squalane Facial Oil Made from Olives
Zoom SIMPURE Squalane Facial Oil Made from Olives

SIMPURE Squalane Facial Oil Made from Olives

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Olive derived squalane is an ingredient similar to squalene, a natural substance produced by the sebaceous glands that makes up 10 to 12% of your skin’s oil. It’s a natural antioxidant and helps keep your skin supple, youthful looking, and hydrated. But as we age, squalene production tends to decline. Because it mimics our skin’s natural oils; it can help promote youthful, supple, radiant skin; and it’s a great choice for all skin types.

Basically, it’s a natural wonder. Lots of squalane benefits to go around!

Squalane was originally sourced almost exclusively from the livers of sharks (ick), but now much of it comes from plants like olive oil, rice and sugarcane.

SIMPURE does NOT support of harvesting Squalene from Sharks so we ONLY use Squalane from Olives.


2 fl oz.

Key Bioactives

The benefits of squalane for your face are many and include hydrating your skin, promoting a youthful appearance, alleviating the appearance of temporary redness, controlling oil, reducing the appearance of fine lines and more. Because it mimics our skin’s natural oil it has an array of benefits long-term.

Squalane is best used on your face (and neck) as a tool to help renew the look of beautiful skin and promote a youthful appearance.

Squalane is a stable, saturated oil and considered safe while pregnant.


100% Pure Squalane Oil from Organic Olives.


Squalane is best used on your face as part of a daily routine.

Here’s the best process for applying it:
Cleanse your skin with a natural face wash.
Apply a toner.
Apply any other serums or treatments.
Put a few drops of Squalane oil on your fingertips and apply to your face and neck.
Apply sunscreen (in the a.m.).


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