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SIMPURE Must Have Oils Gift Box

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These incredible collections include our Top Sellers, combining all of our customer favorites into four UNIQUE eco-friendly, biodegradable moss lined, fully recycled gift boxes. NO PLASTIC, NO TAPE and NO WASTED RIBBON. Gift responsibly this holiday season. ♻️ 


Vitamin E Oil 60mL Size

Vitamin E oil is both a nutrient and antioxidant, and the oil in its purest form is extremely versatile. Known as tocopherol, it is used in many skincare products. It’s anti-aging capabilities are beautiful as well as helping with scars, stretch marks-prevention & treatment. Great for dark spots! Your hair & nails will never be the same when you start using a pure Vitamin E oil.

Raspberry Seed Oil - 60mL Size

100% Pure Raspberry Seed Oil – Our raspberry seed oil is virgin, unrefined, cold pressed, undiluted with no added ingredients. Tested for purity with every batch and safe for all skin types. A highly moisturizing oil that contains omega-6 and essential fatty acids, that can be used in a variety of cosmetics and is great addition for keeping skin healthy!

Carrot Seed Oil - 60mL Size

Carrot Seed Essential Oil is one of the most underrated essential oils in aromatherapy. It has a soft earthy smell and not only helps to relieve stress and exhaustion, but is a powerful detoxifier and liver booster, while stimulating and rejuvenating the skin in general, thereby adding elasticity to any skin. At the same time it fights any skin problems, such as psoriasis, eczema, weeping sores, ulcers, boils and carbuncles. The formative action on the epidermal cells help to keep wrinkles at bay and is also helpful when fighting liver spots (age spots).

What is ECO-FRIENDLY Gifting at SIMPURE?

All gift boxes are made of recycled Kraft paper, with (3) types of biodegradable moss filling (add to your garden or house plants), all are beautifully secured with a 100% recycled & recycleable 100 lb paper sleeve. NO PLASTIC, NO TAPE, NO WASTED RIBBON. Gift responsibily. We care about our carbon footprint, like we CARE about your skin and want to help eliminate as much as we can that goes into the landfills.


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